Easy Flip-Flop Arduino Library

Easy Flip-Flop Arduino Library is for calling 2 different functions within desired intervals without using delay().

What for? You need call 2 functions periodically with different intervals without delaying your loop flow; Let's say function1 (flip) will be triggered at the beginning and 300 millisecondes function2 will fired for 10 millisecondes ... end so on.

How? Library is very simple to use.

  • Define delays for each task/functions
  • Define callback functions (functions will be fired after desired millisecondes)
  • Put the flipflop.loop() instance of engin in Arduino loop() function

That's all, continue programming in ease.

Github link is below for download code and examples


In this example 2 LEDs connected to the Arduino pins 6 and 7 will be eliminated by 200ms and 800ms intervals.

That's it.

Published on: 2015/03/07
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