Full Web Stack LAMP (Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL) Installation On Ubuntu 14

This is a quick tutorial for installing, Apache2, PHP5, PHP Modules, MySQL5, PhpMyAdmin and SSH Remote Access on Linux Ubuntu 14. Probably for many version of Ubuntu or different Linux release will work.

Install MySQL 5

set the passwords in the install menu.


Install Apache2

Check on the browser with

if you see:

Apache2 first setup screen

Apache2 first setup screen (means Apache2 installed and working)


Install PHP5

Default page is located in /var/www/html/index.html

Add a php info page to test php installation.

This will create new php file called info.php in default server http directory. Write this simple code to see if it's interpreting by PHP engine.

Check on browser with You should see a page similar to this:

Phpinfo Example Screen Shot

phpinfo() result  Example Screen Shot shows your php module is working.

Install PHP5 Modules

Default PHP installation doesn't contain some useful modules. Search all of them with:

And install the modules you want like this syntax:


Install PhpMyAdmin

In the configuration options select "Web server to reconfigure automatically" to do it for Apache2

Even though everything seems OK, in the PhpMyAdmin panel bottom of the page you can see some message like " mcrypt is not configured " to fix this use module installer below.


Enable SSH For Remote Access


Published on: 2016/01/18

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