Making iOS Swift App Without Storyboard, Just Programmatically!

Storyboard is a good thing but has some side unwanted effect. You can find many discussion about it. Personally I don't like it so much especially when I make an application without default navigation system it is useless, slow and makes me tired.

I prefer creating my UIViews separately and link them to their UIViewController's programmatically.

Here's a few steps for getting rid of Storyboard;

Step 1: Delete the Main.storyboard

select in project navigator, tap back space, trash) Do you feel big relief? I do.


Step 2: Delete Property

Select Info.plist in plist select property Main storyboard file base name and delete it. At this point the app. can compile and launch but you'll see just a black screen.

Removing Main.storyboard from Info.plist

Removing Main.storyboard from Info.plist



Step 3: Setup AppDelegate



Published on: 2017/10/15

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