New OS X Server 5 is not part of operating system anymore. It is kind of standalone application. As it is an separated app we can delete/uninstall by deleting in Applications folder  or dropping in the trash-bin. But as it is a server app and contain many configuration/settings. Deleting the application is not enough to get rid of all these info. To make a clean install:

  • Launch
  • Destroy the Open Directory, then disable the component
  • Turn off all services (Web, DNS, all..)
  • Close and run command below in terminal:

  • Delete (Drop to Trash), wait about 5 seconds for the services to notice app deletion.
  • Delete the folder /Library/Server
  • Delete any certificates relating to the server in Keychain Access
  • Move back out of the Trash and into /Applications, or re-download from App Store

Now you have a fresh install of OS X  Server 5