PhpMyAdmin Installation On Laravel Homestead (Vagrant)

Laravel Homestead with VirtualBox and Vagrant is wonderful server environment. But PhpMyAdmin is not included out of the box, so let's install with 3 basic steps.

Step 1:
Go to phpMyadmin website, download the latest version and unzip it into your Laravel Project directory. On my computer:

Step 2:
Open up homestead.yaml file and add these lines


Step 3:
Open your hosts file and add this line:

Restart Vagrant

Check on your browser:

Advantage of this method is that if you ever need to destroy your box, you won't ever have to set up phpMyAdmin again so long as you keep your homestead.yaml file and phpMyAdmin in your code directory.

The default username and password for the mysql servers are rootsecret


An other method is explained here...

Published on: 2015/06/18

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