I was thinking of keeping all my tests, works, projects somewhere in my computer, safe and accessible. I wanted having some documentation, photos and some traces because after a while I forget how I did (or remember waggly). So which file format word, pages, pdf ?…. no way… I don’t like static formats. Then I thought that I could save my docs as a private post … and then why not public? So some others can profit of these info. Voila the reason why I’ve made this dejaWorks Development Lab.

DejaWorks is Belgium/UK based a personal attempt of Trevor D. Beydag. DejaWorks (formally déjàWorks) takes its name from French and English mixed two words to have an unique lyrical name. “déjà” which is a french word means “already, yet” so using these two words together, gives the déjàWorks approach. Everything has been thought and ready, like déjà vu

Cheers Trevor.

Trevor at Backstage