Arduino Talkie Library Convertor Patch

Arduino can talk without any complicated circuit or extra add thanks to this useful Talkie Library.

Library is working pretty well but adding/converting custom wav files needs some time and knowledge. Discussion is on github.

I've just involved to this conversation issue with my little script to complete a step of complicated conversation steps.


With Freemat;  create 10101010101010 (like deladrier on github)
1.step : calc.m
2.step : romgen.m
3.step : with a PHP code I converted this binary snake to Arduino compatible hex format.

Arduino Talkie Convertor

Click to use Online convertor


Published on: 2016/06/20

2 comments on “Arduino Talkie Library Convertor Patch”

  1. Hi,

    I was just reading some old GitHub discussion threads on the Talkie Arduino library.

    In the comments you mention you made a PHP script to convert the output of Peter's FreeMat LPC encoder to the appropriate format for Talkie.

    Unfortunately, it looks like the link you posted to the complete conversion script is dead.

    Do you happen to have the file still? I'm interested in making my own Talkie library, to use with my Axoloti port of the Talkie library.



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