Arduino Uno Pin In/Outs Sticker

I very like the visual informations which gives a quick information efficient and just in place! I saw some Arduino breadboards with some sticker on the ATmega328 which explain each pin in/outs. I think it’s not bad and plus looks gorgeous 🙂 As a couldn’t find a one without any advertisement/brand text, I produced myself. Ratio and size is setup for my Polaroid Pogo printer but with any other printer with small page setup can be used. Simply download and print.

If you are looking for;

  • Sticker/Skin for Arduino Uno | ATmega328P
  • Free, downloadable sticker with pin in/outs for Arduino Uno
  • Yellow stylish pin in/out sticker for Arduino Uno
  • Arduino Uno sticker, ready to print with Polaroid Pogo printer

This post probably will help you.

Here is the file to download and print



Here is, how it looks;

I’ve used a small Polaroid Pogo printer (below). The file created is just fit for 2” x 3” sticky-backed photo paper. Ready to cut and stick on the Arduino Uno or breadboard version.

Polaroid Pogo Instant Digital Printer - Black
Polaroid Pogo Instant Digital Printer – Black