FREE Online Ink & Toner Coverage (Consumption) Calculator

*Version 1.0.31 updated on 14 May 2011*

If you are looking for;

  • How to know ink coverage of an image (jpg,png).
  • How to know ink consumption of an image (jpg,png) in percentage.
  • How to know how many time you print an image with your ink/toner cartridge. (comparative; e.g. a cartridge says print 100 pages, means a text page suppose to have %5-10 ink coverage)

This post probably will help you.

**Click here to calculate your image's ink/toner coverages**

After my first PHP on-line ink coverage calculator, I received many post about having a stand alone application. I have answered all messages about the ink coverage calculation and I promised them to provide a better application which find the ink using of an image to estimate the consumption.

Fortunately, I had a little time to create an on-line application of Ink Coverage Calculator.  This time I made it in Flash/Flex. In a short time I promise to make an AIR stand-alone version. The on-line Ink/toner using calculator is completely FREE (and it will). For stand alone version; I think to release it for FREE cost so I'll probably ask for donation for supporters.

In this version (1.0.29) of Ink & toner consumption calculator, I have used very simple interface. Main features are:

Upload image: PNG image format gives better calculation result than the JPG one. What is intresting in this version is the uploaded image are never saved in server's temp folder! They are uploading right into the application (in to swf). This case is very cool cause even tough you upload an image about 2-3Mb, it takes few seconds (on my computer 2-3 seconds).  I also resize the image size if pass the  400x400 pixels frame to have better calculation time. In other case, an JPG/PNG of 2400x1800 pix. could take about 30 seconds!

CMYK layered image view: After image is uploaded. Now it is possible to see all layers (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) separately or 4 in 1 view.

Ink consumption percents: In this version we can only see the percents of consumption ink consumption, so not the amount of ink cartridge but in the future version, this functionality will will be available.

Ink consumption calculator need Flash Player 10 or above. You can download from

**Click here to launch ink coverage calculator **

Screen shoot - 4 in 1 view

Screen shoot - 4 in 1 view

Some image samples for testing.
(You should right click on images and select 'Save image as...' to save your computer.)

CMYK %25 Pattern

CMYK %25 Pattern


CYMK mixed colours

CYMK mixed colours

I'll be glad to hear about your test results.

Published on: 2009/11/29

11 comments on “FREE Online Ink & Toner Coverage (Consumption) Calculator”

  1. Hi this works fine but coming to black some times it is taking black as white and white area as black. I havae tried it with an immage. If you want that image i will send it to you.

  2. hi, firstly my apologies, my english is very bad.
    i want create a free aplication like your toner consumtion calculator, but, how can i separate a image in four cmyk images? and how can i count the points to measure?, another question, what happening if my printer has more than cmyk colors? tnks

  3. Hi antonio,
    In my application I profited from RGB color levels to find CMYK levels then I scanned the image programatically to find the coverage percent. More than CYMK colors? if you mean 7 inks printers (cyan +cyan light + yellow + yellow light and so...)
    I have no idea about it. Maybe if the coverage percent of the pixel grater than %20 it uses Cyan(normal), if less then %20 it uses light cyan ink. So other colors would be the same. This is just my imagination. I don't like to miss lead into error.

  4. I would like to use this on a few of my site and of course provide ample credit to you, it's creator, of course. Please advise if you are willing to forward me the application thanks.

  5. For this time it will not possible to give the copy of the application. You can pick a picture of app. and link to this page. Regards

  6. Hi, can i get a free offline version of ink-toner-consumption-calculator? I have in mind a flash file able to read documents from the computer where is located. Thank you for your work, is usefull.

  7. Your calculator got me sitting down and code myself. Got it working pretty good and matches 100% with your results. Anyone who wants a dll? I can make for you for free.

  8. Hello, the link to use is broken?
    Can I upgrade to use it again, because I found a fantastic tool!

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